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Register and become part of a team of professional investors and traders. We only have profitable trade strategies. We know how to invest correctly and bring our customers from 5% of profit per day!

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OUR GOAL – Long -term mutually beneficial cooperation.

About Mybit7

Trade on the cryptocurrency exchange is gaining more and more popularity around the world. Today it is one of the most profitable and promising types of earnings. However, it requires not small baggage of knowledge and experience and implies quite high risks. It is especially dangerous to do this on your own, without proper experience and knowledge in the financial field. The MyBit7 investment platform helps beginners, as well as already experienced investors and traders, receive stably high income with minimal investments and risks.

Mybit7 is an international trading company that operates on large currency and cryptocurrency exchanges. We play the role of an intermediary between the investor and the world currency and financial market. Investing is carried out using our detailed investment plans. Our experts are constantly studying the financial environment, developing new investment strategies.

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2 000.00 USD - 75 000.00 USD

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3 000.00 USD - 100 000.00 USD

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Tariff plans



Abstract program

We have developed a three -level referral program so that our customers can secure a stable passive earnings. Invite investors and get a bonus in the form of 15% of the deposit of each new client. Also, you will make a profit in the form of 3% of those who were invited by your investors and 2% of deposits of customers of the third level of the system.

  • 15%
  • 3%
  • 2%
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  • Level 2
  • Level 3


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  • What are the risks?

    We guarantee our investors the confidentiality of personal data and the safety of funds. However, remember that any investment is always associated with the risk that is proportional to equal profit. Therefore, we selected the optimal ratio of profitability and risk when drawing up an investment plan.

  • How to start?

    In order to become a participant in the system, register. Registration is free and will take a couple of minutes. Enter your personal account by entering the username and password, select the payment system, tariff plan and open the deposit. After the opening of the deposit, you will automatically become a participant in the system and will make a profit from investment.

  • How to register on the company's website?

    To register, click “Register” and fill out all the necessary fields.

  • How to access an account?

    To access your account, you must enter your personal account by indicating the login and password received during registration.

  • Can I be confident in the safety of my data?

    Yes, the company guarantees our investors the protection and security of personal data. We do not transfer personal data of customers to third parties! Our site is protected from various types of attacks, and all transmitted data undergoes encryption.

  • Who can become a participant in the system?

    Anyone who has reached the age of age can become a participant in the system.

  • How many accounts can I create?

    You can create only one account in the system. In case of violation of this condition, the administration of the site will take measures.

  • How to open a deposit?

    In order to open a deposit, register, enter your personal account and replenish your account.

  • What number of deposits can be opened?

    There are no restrictions on the number of deposits created.

  • Can I change the data in my account?

    Yes. To do this, enter your personal account and select the corresponding section. Save new data. If something cannot be changed, contact our support service.

  • I can't enter my personal account?

    In this case, check if you entered the data correctly. If the data is entered correctly, clean the cache and try again. If the problem has not resolved, write to the support service.

  • What are the advantages of participating in the affiliate program?

    A partner program is a great opportunity for every investor who wants to make additional profits. However, you do not have to have an active deposit.

  • Do you have an affiliate program?

    Yes, we have prepared a generous affiliate program for you: 15%, 3%, 2%. Please note that you will make a profit from a partner only if he moved to our site by your referral link, registered and created a deposit through replenishment of the account.

  • Do I need a deposit to participate in the affiliate program?

    No, it is not necessary to have an active deposit. You only need to spread your referral link in any ways available to you.

  • How to become a participant in the affiliate program?

    In your personal account you will find your referral link. Distribute it in all ways available to you and invite people. New users will switch to our site by your link and register. After that, they will automatically be up to you. From all replenishment of the account that they carry out, you will receive a partnership.

  • Where can I find a partner link?

    You can find your partner link in your personal account.

  • Why do you need an affiliate link?

    A partnership link is needed so that with its help you invite new investors to the system, and it, in turn, automatically determines that they came from you.

  • What do you need to know about the accrual of partnerships?

    A partner reward will come every time your partner replenished the score. The enrollment comes instantly. However, it should be remembered that the partnership will be accrued on the wallet of the payment system in which your partner opened the deposit.

  • How to track the results of attracting?

    You can see information about your partnership income in your personal account.

  • How can I check my balance?

    You can check the balance at any time by entering your personal account.

  • How soon will my deposit account be replenished?

    Typically, cash is credited instantly. However, it should be noted that the enrollment time may depend on the regulations of the payment systems themselves.

  • Is there a commission when replenishing and withdrawing funds?

    No, the system does not provide for a commission. The investor pays only the commission of the payment system he selected, if any.

  • I still have questions, where should I go?

    If you have not found an answer to the question in the list of frequently asked, write to the support service.